The Imaginary Watchmaker

We had an abstract project for a couple of weeks ago that was focused on tools. Before we started the project, we had to draw 5 different tools. I saw this as an perfect excuse to visit the Hunterian Museum, which has a large collection of surgery tools, animals in formaldehyde and even a skeleton of someone who suffered from Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. I focused on surgery equipment from the Victorian era.

We also performed a magic trick (?) and made a tool in smaller groups. My group choose to make tools "to eat a mountain". After a lot of discussing, we finally ended up with a sculptural piece. It portrays roots that imprisons an abstract mountain top, a metaphor for erosion by vegetation and water.

We also discussed our relationships with tools. Tools don’t only tell about people’s professions, they also tell stories about the time, place and origin of their birth, but also something about the wielder. The discussions proved to simulate our minds when we set of to build our own tool and draw it.

I wanted to do a tool I could use myself, but what? I know that I’m not that good at talking with new people. I want to be alone with the person I’m talking to, but I don’t always know what to say. I’m also bad at asking questions, which can make me seem a bit uninterested. I therefore design a physical networking device from an umbrella, some strings and questions I written down on tags. The tool does not only work as a tool. Its odd appearance, quick release-button and my choice of questions also tell stories about me.

Two foot notes:
1) The characters are reused from another school project I did two years ago. Fellow students from Östra Grevie might remember them.
2) Has it already gone a month since my last update? Time flies by!