Mark-making & Narrative

Well, this is the last ordinary project we did before the Christmas holiday. It was an exercise were we experimented with different mark-making techniques for telling narratives. We first had to portray a household object in different ways. We had to portray it from different angels, different sizes, different materials. I choose to use my make-up brush.

We also did some exercises in group, where we portrayed different words in pictures with different mediums and techniques. I have unfortunately forgot most of the words that we used.

We then had to incorporate the object we choose with ourselves and some sort of environment we spend a lot of time in. I tried a simple narrative, about my mornings before I go to school. The twist is that make-up brushes replace some of the ordinary objects like bed, alarm clock, shower, spoon, tooth brush, coat hanger and bicycle. Here are some of my sketches.

And here are the finished work.

This is the worst finished work I've done so far at school. I focused so much on experimenting with the mark-making that the narrative aspects got lost. The shifting styles makes it hard to distinguish a cohisive narrative with a clear beginning, middle and end. Most of the images are vague and quite difficult to read. The only praise is that I really went outside my comfort zone when it came to experimentation. And the bicycle make-up brush is really cute as a gif.