Author: Primer

There is a perfect reason why I haven't been here for a while. We had three briefs that was linked to each other into a giant project about authorship, namely our own. We started with primer research of imagery and objects that form my personal world. This includes thing that is critical to my well-being, relationships I have and structures that form the society. We then had to select five primary needs based on our research. My needs were:

  • A physical connection to my surroundings.
  • An overwiev to understand situations.
  • A safe queer space with openness.
  • To learn and improve, discover and connect.
  • To challenge discrimination and social injustice.

Two foot notes:
1) These was made in a sketchbook I created from scratch.
2) I often put other creators work in my sketchbook for inspiration. I try to keep it on separate pages, but sometimes the only place for them is in the corner of a half-finished page. Because they was not a part of an image or a collage, I decided to pixelate them.