Author Biography: Final Product

If the research was hectic, it was nothing compared to the making of the book. I wrote three drafts and sketched over 70 thumbnails in just a couple of days. Text and images was done simultaneously to get the right balance, but also to adjust the flow from one spread to another. It was also during the planning that I changed some details in the story to put bigger emphasis on Medea’s sacrifices. Another decision was the spreads themselves. I wanted it to feel more like a picture book for adults rather than a graphic novel. Lastly, I decided to go for 34 pages and cover in square format and use a Print On Demand service to print and bind the book. All this might seem straightforward, but then you realize that we had less than three weeks to finish the whole thing, from planning to final product.

This project nearly broke me. I was often the first one to arrive to the studio and the last one to leave during these weeks. I took short breaks for lunch and worked over the two first weekends. After discussing the project with one tutor I decided to switch from solely acrylic painting to mixed media. I also tried to hold and not overwork on spreads in order to save time and the energy sketches posses. However, even that was not enough! I had to print the pages from the Library at two thirds of the intended dimensions, on paper that was way glossier than I intended to. I also had to add an extra spread to get the 34 pages as required.

The unpleasant experience has left me with contrasting feelings. On one hand I dislike the disproportioned figures, the unplanned colour scheme and repetitive layout. But I also learned a lot from the project and managed to create communicative illustrations that carry a short story in less than a month. If I would ever redo this project, I would probably simplify character, locations and props, but also put more emphasis on colours and composition. And maybe add the rest of her story, because it is way more interesting than Jason who spends the rest of his days at the Argo until pieces of rotten wood falls down and kills him instantly. Yeeeeaaah...