Author Biography: Research 1

These drawings are a bit special, since I did them in a sketchbook I bound during a bookbinding workshop. Even though the binding is not perfect and I need to rebound some of the pages, I still love to draw in it. Some of these are location drawings from the British Museums, others are reference drawings from the campus library and internet sources. You can also see some quick sketches I did to work out compositions for the final product.

The three portraits to the left depicts Valerie Solanas, the woman who published the SCUM manifesto and shot Andy Warhol. I thought there was interesting similarities between her and Medea and played with the idea to incorporate some of Solanas' features into my Medea. I decided to abandon this idea because the sources were limited and I needed better references.

Fun fact: The old man to the right is Euripídes, the playwrighter to the original play. One of the background characters in the final book is based on him.