Author Manifestation

The last part of the Author project was to create a Manifesto of a fictional society, based on our creatures. My first idea was some sort of spirit world, with gates at thresholds and crossroads.

This idea was further developed into a world of passage, the realm in between world. The idea was that the creatures lived in a knowledge-based realm, where collected knowledge created physical bridges and roads that spans all over the place. Knowledge is freedom, manipulation of concepts and currency that the creatures trade with each other. Disconnection and misinformation are severe punishments that also threaten the realm itself.

I appreciated this project a lot more than the last one, even though we also had problem with communication and planning. The main difference was that everyone was dedicated and contributed, from our initial brainstorming to the finished project. I wish everyone spent more time in school and that we saved copies of the digital work process, since we had to redo the pagination document the last day of work.

Sebastian Thelander Sjöstrand
Jenny Mure
Sarah Davis
Molly Kempner
Charles Dardenne
Mike Roden