Pride Parties

The annual edition of Stockholm Pride ended yesterday, with a huge parade and hours of lgbtq-political workshops, seminars, events, and all that good stuff. I couldn't visit Pride this year because of work, but I designed two posters for parties hosted by RFSL Stockholm. (Swedish link here and here)

The idea was simple: They wanted an abstract and geometrical poster that was full of energy, coolness and inclusiveness. They wanted the posters to be similar to each other, but with different colourings. Oh, and they also wanted their logotype somewhere in the mix. That seems easy enough. However, I usually don't do abstract imagery and have even less experience with geometric styles. How on earth should I solve this problem?

I tried my ordinary route of sketching until I find something I likes, but I just felt lost this time. Then it suddenly hit me: Since the imagery itself was outside my comfort zone, then the whole process should be so! I created a new Illustrator file and started working. After a few experiments and ridiculous amount of adjustments in InDesign, these designs was finally delivered to a very happy client. They printed a small set of posters and posted them in the city.

Even though the process was frustrating on several levels, I really dig the outcome of these. I think it's time for me to use more abstract geometric shapes into my artwork!