Beyond Lies the Wub: Part 1

We had another summer project this year which was called 'Fiction'. First we read several short stories and chose one that we wanted to illustrate. I chose Beyond Lies the Wub by Philip K. Dick. It’s a weird but funny Sci-Fi about the conflict between a hungry and slightly barbaric captain and an intelligent space pig. No really, that’s it. But it works since it is multi layered! There are so many things you can read into it, from arguments for vegetarianism to a critical view on authority and philosophers. Check it out for yourself, it is a light read. And free!

Anyway, after we chosen which story to illustrate we had to do 45 sketches of characters, locations, and props. All sketches had to drawn from life, not from photos or other images. I went to the Vasa Museum, Nordiska Museet, Skansen, The Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, the Maritime Museum, and a short cruising trip to Turku. It was often hectic, but fun and interesting. Definitely need to do more life-drawings!




I prefer the location drawings. Maybe it was because I did not have to stress so much as when I did the character drawings, maybe it was just the awe of seeing the Vasa ship for the first time. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to incorporate the 16th Century Swedish mentality into the captain. I wanted him to believe that he descended from Atlantean civilization, that might gives right, make him so pompous that he literally could not accept to be questioned. I also imagined that the ship was a former battle ship like Vasa, but that the glory day has passed and it now has been dismantled to a trading ship, much to the captain’s dismay.

Anyway, after we returned from the summer break we made sceneries based on the story. We would then do some drawings were we combined them with characters, locations and props. These sketches were A2, so they were pretty difficult to scan. However, they were nothing compared to the finished illustration...

These scans are from my sketchbook. The first two was drawn during the same scenery workshop as the red ones.

The last sketches are either based on my summer drawings, or some layout thumbnails I did for the final piece. I could not decide if I should do a detailed and complex cross section, or a simpler and more comic approach. The solution was to do a detailed image, but do a simpler cross section.