Beyond Lies the Wub: Part 2

So, we had to choose between doing five A4 and A3 illustrations, taking three photographs of a model/diorama we built or making one illustration in A0 that tells the whole story. I wanted to challenge myself into doing something big, so I went with the A0 format. I decided to depict the whole ship and do cross-sections into the rooms that are mentioned in the book. This would help draw the focus to the narrative, but also allowed me to play with the 17th century imagery.

The shape of the ship was based on the Vasa ship, a future ship concept and a 3D-printed fashion shoe I saw in Stockholm. I considered adding motors or a rudder in the shape of a high-heel, but I decided not to. Mostly because I felt it would be to obvious, but also because Peterson's room is close to motors.

Detail - Storage facilities

The design of the long-legged Martian go-birds was based on an art installation in Stockholm, marabou storks, and Pterosaurs. Bless their head crests! The reason I made the birds so large and threatening was to answer the question: why do not the crew kill and eat them instead of the wub?

Detail - Corridor, examination room and kitchen with empty freeze locker

I am not satisfied with the wub design. I wanted to have the pig similarities, but mix them up with more alien features. But the more I worked with the image, the more I realized that the wub needed to be small, which lead to the three-legged design. I also gave him paws and a little tails, so now he looks like a pig combined with a shrew.

Detail - Peterson's room (left) and Franco's office (right)

Detail - The dinner room

Detail - Command deck

Detail - Atomic jet engines

Detail - Emergency spacecrafts

The solar fins are based on a concept ship model I found in Stockholm. I also wanted them to look like oars and Opee See Killer from Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. At least the film had some cool creature and alien designs.

Detail - Gangplank

Size comparison