Zine: Thief's Candle

Time for something slightly different, namely the recently founded Zine Club in my class. Here is how it goes: We decide collectively on a theme and spend the next two weeks on making comics, illustrations, short stories, basically whatever we want as long as it suits the theme. Then we send everything to the coordinators who fix layout, printing and stuff. The first theme landed on Occultism. I decided to do a 5 pages long comic about the mysterious thief's candle, or hand of glory as I prefer.

The hand of glory is probably my favourite European talisman. It is the pickled and dried hand of a hanged criminal, holding a light made from the same man's fat. As long as the candle burns the talisman will have magical properties, but exactly what differs from story to story. For more information, please check out the Whitby Museum or this collection by University of Pittsburgh. You will not be disappointed!

I chose to focus on the fact that the hand belonged to someone. I wanted it to be told as a weird love story, or maybe a last will. The idea that a criminal would live on to aid their friend as a talisman felt both caring and creepy.

The zines are printed and ready to go, but I do not know if you can purchase them online. Anyway, here are some sketches I made in preparation for the comic.