Editorials: Part 1

Second year started with two editorial illustrations. The first article was about the different living conditions of USA’s richest and poorest. It was heavy on the statistics, but the summary was a bit weak and I had to re-read it several times until I got it. Anyway, we started off with sketching and experimenting with materials and texture. The idea was to make collages that we could improve upon.


Because the article was so focused on statistics, I kind of wanted to use them to create geometric shapes, cityscapes, or skyline. However, the infographic theme in the first collage was hard to read and most classmates thought they were shark fins.

I and my tutor thought this piece has most potential. Sitting on a shadow’s edge felt like a fitting metaphor for the lower classes’ situation, and it also suited the tone of the article.

I really, really like this guy! He is inspired by Paul Coker, an illustrator most famous for his contributions to Mad Magazine. His main problem was that he did not strike the right tone: He was just too funny for the subject.

The article used the word adrift in such a way that I immediately thought about Huckleberry Finn. I imagined people from the lower classes steering an unsteady raft on a sea of debt.


It was a close tie between the second and fourth collage. It was first when I did some colour thumbnails that I chose the second collage. I also chose to work with warm and cold colours and put some efforts to make the shadow and figure a bit transparent. I wanted to add extra uncertainty to the final piece.

I really like the contrast between colours, use of gradients and shapes. I just wish I added more people in the shadow to underline that this is a structural and not a personal problem. I also wonder how it would look like if it would look better if I added a skyline or not