Editorials: Part 2

The second article was an essay about social media addiction. It was written by a first-time father who realized that he spent more time online than with his wife and newborn. Sine I to is addicted to social media since I moved to London; I really wanted to make this story justice. I spent some time writing down everything I thought was interesting and then analyze it. I wanted the final piece to show the authors doubt on his fatherhood, existential anxiety and the digital comfort.

I tried out different ideas, like profile photos hanging out in a lounge bar, hiding a tablet behind a children's book or even to homage Orthodox icons. However, I decided to go with the male in a foetus position, connected with a tablet through a symbolic cord. It expressed the themes of the essay and also put an emphasis on the newborn. It was then time for colour schemes!

I decided to do the elements separately and then combine them digitally. The figure was painted with acrylics on a cardboard to prevent buckling paper. I wanted a minimalistic character that stood out and was easy to read. I also added scars that hinted on past mastectomy surgery, but only for those who know where to look.


I felt that the original colour scheme did not work, so I changed it to better fit my earlier sketches. I also did some digital retouches so the background sphere would be a bit more translucent. I really like the outcome, but I kind of want to repaint it digitally and play more with the background.