Power Publication: Illustrations

I and another Illustration student were grouped together with three Graphic Designs students. Our mission was to make a publication of some sort, based on our research based on power structures. One major influence was the Disobedient Objects exhibition at V&A, which had DIY instructions, Squatters handbooks and more. We decided to do a pamphlet with a cover and spine, which would enable it to be part of a Library collection. The text and design was inspired by hacking, the idea of showing power structures/relationships and inspiring the reader to act.

These are some early spread sketches I made when we still hadn’t figured out how we should mix text and images. I was inspired to be more creative and hacking our own disciplinary boundaries (baseline, grid, limited colouring, pixilation, stuff like that), but we eventually toned down on that idea.

Since my essay focused on gender hacking by contemporary artists, I went back to last year sketches and earlier works. I made these illustrations before I realized that they needed to be cut back. I think maybe only one or two of these made it to the final book, without the accent colour. Maybe I will return to them and rework them as stickers? Or maybe I can use them for an actual poster/flyer?