Quick update

As you all noticed by now, I don’t really fit into the avid blogger stereotype. However, the last months have been even less updated than usually. There are some reasons to this:

  • I really dislike the paper quality in my latest sketchbook and don’t use it as much as I should.
  • I’m mostly working on physical objects (illustrations?) this term, with models, trial and error and so forth. Which leads to…
  • I’m really bad at using digital cameras to document my work process. In fact, I use my camera so seldom that it took me one week to realize that it’s gone at the moment.
  • I have three personal projects that I intend to sell. Call my paranoid, but I prefer to wait post about the project after I’m finished, to prevent people for using my sketches before I’m even finished.

However, I’ve started researching for an unnamed project that I might work on during the 3rd year. I don’t want to say anything about it yet, but it might involve tattoos with lesbian motifs from the 30s USA.

This sketch was based on a photograph in a private collection. "Working in San Francisco in the 30s, Ruth Weyland created large, figurative pieces that contained explicit lesbian imagery. A signed photo of her work dated 1933 features two naked women locked in an embrace, standing sic inches tall between their owner’s breasts. [...] Though Weyland was well known, few photos of her unusual work survive.”
- Margot Mifflin, from Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo.