Dala-Decker: Part 2

This is the final result of the Dala-Decker postcards that I mentioned in an earlier post. They are screen-printed by hand on 300 gsm paper and trimmed down to slightly smaller than A5. These were a lot of fun to print, but the process was quite complicated.

The first problem was to get the colours right. I wanted the teal ink to be slightly transparent, so it would mix nicely with the red one. It took several test prints to ensure that I mixed the right amount of ink, acrylic medium and thinner for the wanted effect. Another problem was the motif on the back, which mostly consisted of fine lines. This meant that the ink dried up in different places at least three times during the printing.

Biggest problem was the registration. Even if I added crop marks to the print and used a sheet of acetone as reference, I still had to print by eye because of all details. Out of the 15 sheets of cards I used, only 5 became good enough to sell.

If I ever do a second edition, I’ll probably use Riso-printing. It is more expensive, but it handles details better and is more efficient in the long run. I will also ajust the image slightly, like removing crop marks and perhaps define outlines and add a bit of texture. That all depends on how popular they will be!