Edition: Final Piece

This is the final result of several weeks of sketching, discussing, and making. The boxes are made from cardboard and wood that has been reinforced by glue, paper and sawdust before they were carefully sanded down to create a smooth surface. The instructions/edition cards, as well as the sole templates, were designed with Illustrator and InDesign. The soles – bubble wrap, carpet, coir, and gutter mesh – were found, donated, or bought in a pound shop. The sole template was based on a design from a foam insole that I bought in another pound shop.

One of few things that really proved a challenge was InDesign and painting the boxes. You can create unique text boxes with help of vector graphic, but you cannot import shapes made in Illustrator to add text to them: they must be created within InDesign. If you copy and mirror a box, you also mirror the text. I believe you can override that (or at least revert the text), but I never managed to figure it out during the project, which lead to unplanned work.

The boxes were first covered with a layer of white acrylic, than covered with two layers of light grey spray-paint. However, I was unprepared for how long the surface remains sticky until it finally dries up. Because of that, part of the protective paper got stuck onto a box and needed to be repainted one day before our Edition fair.

I did not manage to sell any of them during the fair, but I will sell them in my Etsy shop in the near future. If they prove to be popular, I might produce a second edition with simpler (and cheaper) packaging!