Edition: Part 2

This spread how some of the extra drawings I did to further explore personal subjects. This includes my feet as well as a roller derby-champ on a post-it note. Not only do I tend to get sweaty feet, but I also tend to wear out my shoes rather quickly. I played with the idea that they might be used as non-traceable chemical weapons, but decided against that idea.

I really like this spread. It visualizes some ideas that I had for over a year, as well as some new one that I got during the primer. I also enjoy the SWOT-analysis in the corner with small and quick drawings. I did it to compensate for the misunderstanding of the brief, but some of my classmates prefer those sketches to my ordinary work. You can also see the first sketches of the texture/rug book, as well as some weird insoles. They will become more significant further on.

I had a couple of rough and dissatisfying group collaborations in London. I liked the idea of making an ironic activity book that informs the reader how they also can fuck up collaborations with “tried and trusted” examples that I have experienced! I decided against it though, mostly because of my personal dislike of irony and shaming. Some of the other ideas include “carte de visite” with ordinary people replacing the sideshow prodigies, a stuffed log for Twin Peaks fans, and a moon wine cup that would be cast in transparent silicone.

This fold focused on different possibilities to cut and fold paper. The idea is that the way a booklet unfolds effect the narrative itself. However, I did not feel that these sketches were so productive when I did not have story to begin with. This spread also shows caricatures of Agent Mulder and Agent Scully, as well as the first sketches of a foot-shaped box for insoles.

At this point I decided to explore textures and tactility. You see, I usually prefer to be barefooted since I believe it helps me to keep the focus: the extra stimulus of temperature and texture acts also makes me a bit more aware of my surroundings. I decided that my edition should inspire others to walk more barefoot in a fun and creative way.

My first intention was to make a texture/rug book, a nice joke on behalf of more fancy art books. These spreads shows my visual research on possible bindings and covers.

When I discussed the project with some of my classmates, I realized that the size of the book might be a problem. Most people tend to spread their feet apart while resting, which could end up in a costly and cumbersome product. Some ideas were to have loose sheets, have a large pop-up book or perhaps even two smaller books. After doing some more research on barfuss trails, barefoot running, and reflexology, I decided to ditch the book idea and return to the insoles.

This is a collection of different material that I thought about of using. The first idea was to mimic textures we normally encounter as barefoot, such as the beach, wooden floor with strewed present paper and bubble wrap, camping, and so on. I decided to scrap the idea after doing some research on tactile illustrations. The idea instead geared to make a preparation kit with a handful of insoles, which the user would wear to prepare their feet before going barefoot. The materials had to be distinguishable from each other.

This project went extraordinary well. I discussed ideas with visiting artists, tutors, technicians, and classmates. The boxes turned out to be quite simple to make: All I had to do was to soak strips of thick cardboard in water and clamp it to a wood negative to dry into the right shape. While they dried up, I decided to work on a nice logotype for the finished products. My first idea was to do something classy, perhaps Art Deco-inspired, like a luxury brand. However, I felt that my typography attempt next to Sebastian Kniepp’s portrait (the German vicar who inspired the first barefuss trails) just felt shallow.

I decided to do something more modernistic, but also find a way to incorporate a foot into the design somehow. One idea was to draw the letters like separate toes, but I felt that it was to many characters and that the end result did not look especially nice. I renamed the “Barefoot Preparation Kit” to “Barfüss Preparation Kit” and play around with the letter Ü, added two extra dots and curved it slightly to indicate a sole.