Independent State: Flipbook

The question generator was very successful with over 30 questions and answers. But which is the best way of showing them of in our assessment and upcoming exhibition? Our answer was to make an illustrated and Japanese stab bound flipbook.

The first step was to rewrite some of the questions and answers we got so they work grammatically. We split the entries between us and made 3-4 different illustrations in black & white. Since the questions are absurd in themselves, I decided to add a bit of morbid whimsicalness to my work. I did not have a specific inspiration in mind, but they remind me of Terry Gilliam's and Edward Gorey’s illustrations when I look at them.

Q. How is a slimly artichoke wrong when a running octopus is clearly right?

A. Because artichoke are slimy scum.

Q. What is the similarity between webbed fingers and stairs?

A. They are both attached together.

Q. How is black glitter like silence?

A. Because black is silence.

Q. How can a oversized ring change a ruin?

A. One lady proposes to a crumbling ring, IT SAYS YES!!! The ring obviously oversized, fit nicely into the ruin, saving it from rubble and living happily ever after.

We spent a couple of hours discussing the printing, buying card and paper, and cutting the front cover. We planned to finish a mock-up this Friday, but we had some complications with the cutting process. The pages must be cut precise before the binding, since the thread goes over the spine and edges. While we try to fix these problems, please enjoy our work in progress!