Independent State: Primer

This project is, without doubt, the most complicated brief we had so far. The intention is to explore the political power of illustration and graphic design, but also get a deeper understanding of how contemporary politics works. The primer was quite simple in itself: Watch a documentary, do individual research, and draw 10 things that a state must provide for its citizens. The last thing we had to do was to enter a political poster competition hosted by The Guardian.

I had some difficult things to handle during Easter, including a break-up from a long-term relationship, a search for accommodation in Stockholm, and wait for a reply on my job application. It was first when I finished my essay I visited the British Museum and walked around the neighbourhoods for my research.

The Guardian competition closed one week before school started. This was something I realized when it was less than 24 hours left. I immediately went home and sketched like mad, but I couldn’t force myself to produce something even passable. Not because I don’t care about politics, but because my main issue was the pluralistic representation system, which I think is absolutely bollocks.

I wanted to show how outdated the system was by drawing David Cameron in a stage costume he wore when he was nine years old: It was the last time a party in UK had support from majority of the voters. I backed out though and have still not produced a finished poster. I will try to do it either this weekend or beginning of next week.

Even though these sketches were a good warm up for the 10 images, I still felt a bit rusty after a longer period of 3D design and project management. I solved this by drawing owls instead of humans. After all, we say a parliament of owls in English. Surely they must have some sort of society to back up that claim?

Affordable Housing

Art Funding


Environmental Protection

Fair Justice System

Independent Media



Public Transport

Waste Management

 This is the final versions that I went with. My original idea was to include a full forest and more detailed branches, but I feared that it would take too much focus from the owls. You can also see that some sketches did not make it into final stage. They were too similar to other images, but less striking. I removed them in order to make each image stand out more.