Independent State: Workshops

We had a ton of theoretical lectures, visits, and screenings when school started. One of the most important things we did was to discuss what a state should provide and divide ourselves into smaller groups or ministries. I joined the Cabinet of Curiosity, a ministry that combined school, museum, research, and philosophy with a local focus. Check out our tumblr for more insight into our work process!

Our first major workshop was to organize appropriate activities and present ourselves in Peckham Square 1st May. We decided to have two activities: a hidden-objects-trail and a question generator. The trail consisted of ten objects, each chosen by its relevance to the area, which we hid in the square earlier. In the question randomiser, the participant took two words at random and stuck them to a question template. They then had to answer the question as best as they could and give us the result. Both activities were way more appreciated than we thought and we got more than 30 answers when the day was finished!

The banner workshop was less successful. We had great discussions and came up with several good ideas, but we were quite disorganized: It took us a while to get started. We might also have been too optimistic about the main banner, since the pole was too long and unstable for the wind. It eventually broke and had to be carried like a jousting lance! At least the eye-shaped pattern is reused in the book that we are currently printing.

You can see our kite-like banners popping up around 0:57.