Zine: Continuous Comic

This is my third and last contribution to our zines. This theme was to create a continuous comic, where everyone contributed a panel to the story. Each panel was a continuation of those who came before it, but we could add whatever we wished to change the direction. Because the whole idea was like a play on associations, it did not take long until the story became absurd, morbid, and fun! The story my classmates made up before it was my turn was the struggle of conjoined twin ponies: One wanted to go to a party, another wanted to go to a fancy dinner. The chainsaw princess (?) came from nowhere and separated them, but wait! An egg gushed out from their belly!

I had so many things going on that I forgot to do my sketch on time. I originally wanted to make a graphic and bizarre panel, something from John Carpenter’s The Thing, but lack of time forced me to change focus. Next idea was to make the panel symmetrical and stylized, with a slight touch of Christian-Orthodox icons.

I decided to arrange the ponies and the chainsaw princess into a triangular composition, with the ponies staring at the mysterious egg. Their faces also helped me to draw attention to the egg. I tried different perspectives and placement before I decided on the last thumbnail.

I drew and scanned a sketch that I enlarged and mirrored. My first attempt was to trace the sketch with a fine liner like an etching, but it came out wrong. The style did not match the sketch or the initial ideas. In fact, I dislike it so much that I will not even show it on the blog!

Because of my time limitations, I decided to flesh out a printed copy of the sketch. I simplified the shapes and added shades with pencils, guache, ink, and Pro Markers. The final result is a bit disappointing and nothing that I am proud of, but it communicates well enough for our brief.

You can probably guess how bitter I became when I realized that some of my classmates have pushed our final deadline with weeks, either because they forgot about the deadline or because they wanted to keep polishing ther work. Whatever the case might be, I decided to withdraw from the group entirely and not contribute in future zines.