External Project: Part 3

I sat in front of a lightbox for several hours the day before final presentation to make these refined sketches. They are primary made with pencil outlines and markers to add shadow and textures. I imagine that they would have different textures that could be mixed and matched, which would add extra flexibility for the game artists. The details are mostly based on Moroccan, Ethiopian and Nigerian designs, with a reoccurring motif in the form of an inverted drop-shape. It represents the rising sun as well as the comet the original tribes follow when they left earth thousands of years ago.

I made a building entirely out of four different kit-parts I designed to show how they would work practically, as well as a ruined version to show what the player would encounter. This version was without doubt the thing I struggled most with, mainly because it was difficult to decide how intact the ruins should be. Too little and there would not be challenging enough for the players, too much and the challenge would be to hard. I solved it by removing the outer walls, opening up the ruin like André Bloc's sculptures, or a damaged beehive. You have a pretty good idea of the foundation, but you do not know how far the middle tower stretched, nor how it ended.

The team was quite impressed by my work and thought there was a good balance of simplicity and details. The only complaint I got was that one of the designers really disliked the idea of tiled roofs, but that can always be changed in the future. I personally also felt that I should have made larger building block that suited my previous sketches, like slanted round bases, gates, air wells, wind catchers and more. The main idea is pretty solid though and I really hope they commission me for professional concept art in the near future.