Reportage: Part 2

I screen-printed around 16 different versions of the final illustration in orange, green and purple. I also experimented with different kind of paper and paper colour, since the brief only contained colour restrictions for the illustration itself. I really like the final pieces and want to screen-print soon again, but it was a long and frustrating road to get there!

Reportage: Part 1

Our last rotation assignment was to create a reportage illustration in A2 format, similar to the chronicles of Feliks Topolski. The preparations was to read articles more or less related to the wage pay gap in London, such as gentrification, inflated housing market, food poverty and more. We then went out on a day-trip to Brixton market and sketched everything that would fit the articles we read.

My first idea was to focus on food poverty, that food itself is an expression of socio-economic class. I therefore sketched interior from a Whole Foods Market at Piccadilly as a contrast to the rustic market In Brixton.

There were a lot of misunderstandings between me and my teacher when I presented my idea. I talked about a homeless man that begged for money as a catalyst for my idea, but she assumed that I was going to focus on the homeless and thought it was too obvious. I believed she wanted me to redo all my research and focus on gentrification instead, which made me quite frustrated. It did not get any better that we had to exhibit or final pieces the day after the workshop! Needless to say, I did not finish my piece in time. Anyway, here are some of the experiments I did with mono printing and ink washes over candle wax markings.

I spent some time and read more articles about gentrification around Brixton market and saw possibilities to still use food as a point of view. I also decided to keep my attention to the market and play around with different layouts.

I first did line drawings with a marker and then with a dip pen. I then did the block of colouring on another sheet of paper, before I added my quotations from the articles to the line drawings. These sheets were later scanned ad retouched digitally before I screen-printed them manually.