Swap Shop Poster

After the success of the Camberwell Guide project, I was once again commissioned by Commonplace. This time around they wanted a poster to advertise Swap Shop, their online note board where students can post adverts. The service hasn’t been used so much as expected; probably because of poor advertising. I had absolutely no idea about the service before I started the project!

This was a quick project with a slow start. I am very thankful for the brutal criticism I received from Annalotta Pauly and Anna Streit: They basically scared me from my comfort zone, which made the final design so much more fun and eye grabbing. I also had some troubles with hardware at the beginning, whereupon I finally bought my first scanner. I think this could be the start of another beautiful friendship.

Camberwell Guide 2014

Let us start with a short background: Commonplace was created by graduated students to connect students from different colleges and to provide handy information for newcomers. One way is through the Camberwell Guide, which is produced in-house by students and graduates.

We got the brief and organized the work through a shared spreadsheet. It was an easy way to select illustrations and see what the others were up to. We talked with Camberwell Press about deadlines and decided to have our own feedback meeting. Adam and I also handled the contact with both Commonplace and Camberwell Press.

One of the many illustrations that needed to be done was maps over the neighborhood and three student halls. I chose them since it was a bit outside my comfort zone, but also because I would not have to do location drawings in Camberwell. We also agreed that the map should be done in ink, which provides a nice contrast to the other illustrations that was made in different drawing mediums.

The result is a beautiful guide where the art styles are as diverse as the area itself. You can take a closer look at it here. The contact person on Commonplace was so impressed by our professionalism that she asked if we were available for future projects. I am actually doing research for the next project, so keep your eyes open for upcoming updates!