What Could Have Been - Flyer Sketches

I worked on flyer designs for Bar Wotever during the collaborative part of the Author project. It was an interesting process and a golden opportunity to represent diversity and queer culture visually. This are themes I feel strongly about and that I definitely need to incorporate more into my illustrations!

Most characters are composites of persons that appears on Bar Wotever's Facebook photos, but I also drew some inspirations from friends and earlier illustrations I've done.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to finish any of the ideas. Bar Wotever asked another artist to finish it, without noticing me. I do not know why, if they just did not feel my suggestions were communicative enough or because of earlier misunderstandings.

I also worked with a flyer for the exhibition That's So Gay!, an Queer art event curated by Karen Doyle, a sculpture student at Camberwell. It combined a one day exhibition with live performances, where all fund raised went to Movement For Justice.

The research is quite short because problematic art direction. As I and Karen discussed the design, other volunteers came up with further suggestions which pushed the theme from kitsch to queer to almost commercial, until it returned back to kitsch. We run out of time by the third alteration whereupon I had to finish it with stock images, which I am not especially keen to show here. The only thing that stayed intact was the logo, which also was used on posters and T-shirts.