40 Years of Absolute Pleasure

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates; I started working full-time just three days after returning to Sweden. Most of my free time have gone to rest, finish chores, and help organizing this year screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Stockholm. Not only is it the second time I design the poster with a 70s flavour, it’s also the third year in a row all screenings were sold out! And we even had extra screenings this year! Perhaps that is why I was interviewed by P5 STHLM, Östermalmsnytt and Aftonbladet TV. Check them out! (Please note all interviews are in Swedish only)

PS: Here is a clip where I briefly discuss my lovely Rövglas, otherwise know as the Assglasses.

Pride Parties

The annual edition of Stockholm Pride ended yesterday, with a huge parade and hours of lgbtq-political workshops, seminars, events, and all that good stuff. I couldn't visit Pride this year because of work, but I designed two posters for parties hosted by RFSL Stockholm. (Swedish link here and here)

The idea was simple: They wanted an abstract and geometrical poster that was full of energy, coolness and inclusiveness. They wanted the posters to be similar to each other, but with different colourings. Oh, and they also wanted their logotype somewhere in the mix. That seems easy enough. However, I usually don't do abstract imagery and have even less experience with geometric styles. How on earth should I solve this problem?

I tried my ordinary route of sketching until I find something I likes, but I just felt lost this time. Then it suddenly hit me: Since the imagery itself was outside my comfort zone, then the whole process should be so! I created a new Illustrator file and started working. After a few experiments and ridiculous amount of adjustments in InDesign, these designs was finally delivered to a very happy client. They printed a small set of posters and posted them in the city.

Even though the process was frustrating on several levels, I really dig the outcome of these. I think it's time for me to use more abstract geometric shapes into my artwork!

Swap Shop Poster

After the success of the Camberwell Guide project, I was once again commissioned by Commonplace. This time around they wanted a poster to advertise Swap Shop, their online note board where students can post adverts. The service hasn’t been used so much as expected; probably because of poor advertising. I had absolutely no idea about the service before I started the project!

This was a quick project with a slow start. I am very thankful for the brutal criticism I received from Annalotta Pauly and Anna Streit: They basically scared me from my comfort zone, which made the final design so much more fun and eye grabbing. I also had some troubles with hardware at the beginning, whereupon I finally bought my first scanner. I think this could be the start of another beautiful friendship.

Subject/Object: Part 2

The next step was to choose one illustration and create either a poster or a future relic based on it. I choose Neo-Nazis attack anti-racism demonstrators in Sweden because 1) I was in Stockholm when the attack happened, 2) both fascism and racism are rising in Europe and 3) I’ve been verbally attacked and threatened by neo-nazis before. Here is a repost of my illustration, as a little clarification.

After we chosen our news story, it was time to visit the British museum to sketch some of their items. At least three of them had to be a highlight from the collections. Two sketches had to be based on keywords relevant to the story, while other has to relate to the earlier work.

I think I took the brief to literally and chose physical keywords rather than abstract. I tried to correct this by doing some kind of free collage with images from the incident, some from the aftermath and some that is related to the story in some way.

Another problem I had to endure was the cursed poster collections. The Imperial War Museum in London is closed until this summer, so I could not research their World War 2 propaganda posters. And by a strange coincidence was the poster exhibition on Albert & Victoria Museum also closed. I did some sketches on object that I could either incorporate in a poster or make a relic from. By the way, V&A has a beautiful collection of Islamic crafts that is well recommended.

After the visit, I decided to do a poster. I did a lot of thumbnails, searching for a design that was both fresh and paid tribute to old propaganda posters. It was extremely hard, mainly because WW2 posters are quite powerful and its imagery has been reused ever since. I choose three thumbnails that I focused more on and started to play with the yellow colour that made it to the final piece.

After some input from the tutors, I decided to combine two different slogans, although slightly altered. The text enabled me to be a bit more abstract and conceptual, playing with material and texture. Here is the final result.