10 Interesting images (and why)

Mike Mignola - BPRD 1946

There is something unique about Mignolas artwork. He has a great shadowing technique that creates tension and drama, even if the subjects themselves are perfectly still. I also like the small details in the picture, like the embroidery and the tiny bat wings.

Kate MacDowell - Canary 3

MacDowell is a skilled sculptor that mainly works with porcelain. I think this piece is a very impressive craft and a sad reminder about our relation to our environment. I especially like the clash between the naturalistic portrayals on one hand and their imaginative interaction with each other.

Jeremy Mann - Construction #3

I found Mann on an artblog about a year ago. He mostly do landscapes, portraits and still life, but it is his cityscapes that caught me. I think his rough textures and harsh brush strokes captures the city life perfectly. It conveys a sense of sorrow and degradation, but also moments of hope and opportunities.

Wayne Barlowe - Emperor Sea Strider

Barlowe is one of my favourite illustration and concept artists period. He uses his knowledge in science and mythology to design extremely bizarre concepts. This picture is from his work Expedition, a field guide to life on the fictional planet Darwin IV. I enjoy this picture because it's very alien indeed, but it also have nice colours and good sense of depth. They really feel like ships at the sea.

Liu Bolin - Hiding in New York No. 7 - Made in China

Bolin started his Hiding in the city series as a silent protest against the Chinese government. The series evolved to also tackle social problems that came with Chinas rapid economical growth. His art shows that human rights and values are often ignored for profit and consumption.

Francis Bacon - Innocent

I must confess that I didn't really know who Bacon was until I heard that he inspired the make-up Heath Ledger had as the Joker in The Dark Knight. His art tend to be terrifying, aggressive and full of sorrow. It is almost as he is attacking the human body and condition with his brush strokes, something I find very inspiring.

Jennifer Miller - Photo by Karl Giant

In this case I'm more inspired by the person that's photographed than the photographer. Jennifer Miller is an awesome feminist, activist and entertainer. She founded Circus Amok, an performance troupe that provide free public art for the people of New York City. The Circus address contemporary issues of social justice, like gentrification, gay marriage and police brutality. And she looks totally fab in her beard.

Michał Szyksznian - Night Work

Szyksznian is a polish artist that often portray celebrities, sexuality and queer life. He did thispiece for a Scissor Sisters art competition. I find it interesting, not only because of the colour scheme, but because it depicts cruising. It's the only picture I have seen that don't condemns or judge the act, but celebrate it.

Luzinterruptus - Pool on a background of Field of Barley - Photo by Gustavo Sanabria

Luzinterruptus is a Spanish anonymous artist group that use lights in public spaces. The installation in the picture is a protest that the city of Madrid demolished a public swimming pool to build a leisure and gastronomic centers for the rich. I love the installation and think it gives a glimmer of hope and magic to the neighbourhood. It also sends a reminding message to the politicians that they should keep the promise and build a new pool for the public.

Tony Sandoval - Watersnakes 34

Sandoval is an Mexican artist that lives in Berlin at the moment. His characters are everything from caricatures to angelic, but always full of emotions. He uses colours sparingly and his landscapes lacks details, with put even more focus on the characters. What I especially like with this page is that it portrays the intimacy and first kiss in an odd yet familiar way.